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Welcome to Liberatory Infrastructures Lab (LiL)

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Our Mission

The mission of Liberatory Infrastructures Lab (LiL) is to develop systems of critical infrastructure that support liberation and restorative justice for all, particularly of historically under-resourced and historically marginalized communities. LiL is committed to evaluating, designing, and implementing just and liberatory critical infrastructure for current and future generations.


Green Stormwater Infrastructure by and for Communities

Urban hydrology and the green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) that supports a healthy watershed are too often invisible or inaccessible to the general public. GSI, which offers a multitude of stormwater, health, social and ecological benefits, has received less implementation funding in underserved communities relative to other areas of higher socio-economic status. Yet, when GSI is constructed in underserved areas, it has the potential to contribute to gentrification in those neighborhoods.

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